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Track Name: THE OTHER
The Other

Scapegoat feeds the hungry state
Create a wall around the other
War and fear, nothing changes
Endless pain for the other

Fighting back

Ignorant arrogance
Superior to the other
Senseless violence
Crucifix for the other

Wall of safety becoming prison
Golden halo, chain around your neck
Rhetoric of exclusion
Nonexistent human sympathy

Scapegoat feeds the hungry wolf
Living meat for the other
Fear of god, an angry god
Banishing the souls of other

Fighting back

War and fear, nothing changes
Endless pain for the other
Track Name: NONE BELOW
None Below

Void of human life
Pummeled into dirt
Frail and fractured
Less than nothing

Submission, suppression
Broken bodies, lifeless bodies
Oppression, desertion
Starvation, cremation
Desperation, dying nation

Grip tightens
To caress the open wound
Choke out
Final gasping breath

So much less
None Below
Burning Vessel

Crowded onto moving graves
Breathing coffin envelope
Hand of hell extends
Thousands fall below the surface

Burning in this vessel
Human ammo missile

Shaming, dragged through piles of glass
Barred from the ascension
Bodies crushed together
Into fucking gunpowder

Burning vessel
Vile Sacrament

Fork tongued lust for destruction
Praying to the warlord above
Spilling the blood of the children
Martyr to a cannibal god

Butcher, terrorist
Heathens vanquished
Shit emancipate
Vile sacrament

Desensitized to the violence
The most calloused hand holds the axe
Obsessed with the bottomless darkness
Compelled by a vision of death

You have been chosen
The next sacrifice
Join the desolate darkness
Empty void, suicide
Your god has spoken
Your path is ending
Commence execution
The darkness is waiting

You are living fiction
No vengeful god, no religion
You are dying for fiction
No heaven no fucking kingdom